Saturday, 4 January 2014

3 Best and Colorful Gemstone That People Loves To Wear

Choosing jewelry to wear is as difficult task as choosing an outfit. The formula of choosing a best jewelry for you is to trust your test and stick to your style. The most important thing is jewelry should match the outfit. There are different types of jewelries from which you can choose the matched one for your outfit. Contrary to public belief jewelry do not have to be diamond always. Yes all knows diamond is very beautiful but it is always pricey. There are gem stone which are also very beautiful and not costly as diamond. These are 3 beautiful gemstones which are very beautiful and available in pocket friendly price that you can collect them to your wardrobe.
amber bracelet
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It is a green a green variety of the mineral beryl and most precious and priced gem stone. It is believed that is good for love life. According to the history wearer of this gem can forecast future events. The best quality emerald would look like fresh green grass. It is used in wedding ring, pendant and different jewelries. You can find best emerald online here. 

2- Amber-

Amber generally looks smoky red. It is made of fossilized resin tree sap.  If you want to wear something classy and gorgeous then go for it because it is not very costly and go with any dress you wear. Amber is generally used for making bracelet, pendant and necklace. It is believed that amber has some healing power that can heal blood pressure and can stable your mind. There are many online stores which are providing Amber jewelries. This is one of them. 

3- Sapphire- 

It looks blue in color and highly priced but not as diamond. It is generally comes from Burma and Kashmir. The dark blue sapphire which comes from Australia is the costliest in the sapphire family. A jeweler uses sapphire to do many things like ring, necklace and pendants. Genuine sapphire online.
These are some the most precious gem stone that you can easily find online.

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