Thursday, 21 August 2014

Natural and Stylish Baltic Amber Necklace for Adults

Pain in the joints or muscles can be frustrating for both men and women but they need to control it naturally. We encourage them to wear pure and fashionable Baltic amber necklaces, pendants and bracelets and recover from any sort of aching or painful condition.    

Amber is a delicate stone created from the fossilization of prehistoric trees that existed before fifty million years. Baltic amber in specific is a popular variety with assured healing property that can benefit all the babies and adults suffering from pain or aching. It has been proven that raw or polished amber beads can be worn to enhance pain relief and cure inflammatory conditions of our body.  Our antique amber large necklaces or small necklaces can be chosen for experiencing natural healing comfort in stomach ache, fever, ear problem, cold and more. We use raw or unpolished baroque beads for creating analgesic and anti inflammatory amber necklaces for adults. You have the option to purchase single /multi colour, big/small beads and olive shaped amber necklace for maintaining your style value and reducing pain in your body as well. 

There are unique and pure amber jewellery pieces which you can directly purchase from us. Our expert artisans make them from natural Baltic amber beads.  The pain relaxing effect of our necklaces is due to the release of succinic acid from its natural beads. You should know that Baltic amber contains the highest amount of succinic acid than other varieties available in this world. When this amber necklace touches your skin, body temperature makes it release significant amount of succinic acid for giving you a soothing effect. Be sure that this is a natural substance getting absorbed into the skin surface easily. With its absorption, your healing process can start immediately. The analgesic features of our amber necklaces and pendants can save you from many kinds of discomfort caused due to headaches, dental pain, nerve pain and more. Our collection of wholesale ambers and jewellery items can increase your body’s natural healing capability and restore your immune system. Our store would never let you buy fake amber, synthetic s or plastics.To find pure quality, unpolished and fashionable Baltic amber accessories with maximum healing effect, consider contacting us at

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Exclusive Pieces of Baltic Amber Necklaces on Sale

The beautiful charm and secret healing power of Baltic amber beads have not only fascinated common people but also jewellery lovers from all over the world. Most of us keep inspired to wear rings, earrings, pendants or necklaces of Baltic Amber whenever we get an opportunity to look different in style and get up. These fine colored and fossilized gemstones have become an integral part of our world history, reminded us of our inheritance and demanded attention of a treasure that we would like to forward to our next generation. Created by a natural process and designed fabulously by Lithuanian expert artisans who transform Baltic Amber stones into great looking items, we assure to have a worthy collection for your use.  It includes a wide variety of Baltic amber necklaces, anklets, bracelets, rings and wholesale stones with the proven healing power of nature. If you are interested in natural and wholesale gemstones in beautiful hues and designs, you will surely get one in our amber jewellery products.  

Our jewellery products are stylish, 100% pure Baltic Amber and are hand made and polished by a group of specialists. Our specialized artisans use age old practices to treat each raw amber stone, weave each string and produce an interesting piece of Baltic amber necklace with assured natural healing power that can bring great harmony and relief in your daily life.

We offer genuine Baltic amber teething necklaces that can ease the pain of your teething child in a natural manner. You can also procure a traditional or vintage amber necklace for getting a modern look. From small size necklaces to custom design rings and pendants, everything can be shopped at our online store. We request you to derive natural pain relief through any of our exclusively designed necklace or bracelet that can be given a custom touch on your wish. Get the pleasure of wearing something special that is only discussed in history and traditional myths. It can really transform your look and life as well.

In case you have any doubts, queries or preferences, please let us know it through your mail at

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Real and Effective Amber Necklace with Modern Style Effect

Are you looking for stylish amber necklace and amulet for fashion wear? Are you interested in getting a real piece of amber ring, pendant or anklet? We can deliver you raw and polished amber stones in preferred designs. Our comprehensive product line includes items made of real and quality amber stones in different shades. We are into wholesale amber supply business and serving customers all across the world. Elegant amber necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants, and bracelets by expert designers are sold on our website. You can procure everything including modern jewellery items and exclusive accessories with traditional touch. Each of them can be found to have been fitted with great looking amber stones and beads. Be sure to browse through our collection of Baltic amber necklaces in wonderful shades ranging from orange and honey to yellow and green.

Our stock includes exclusively hand made amber jewelry pieces that can be worn for any general or special occasion. Whether you are a lover of contemporary items or a seeker of children's teething solutions, we have the most fitting item for your need. With our unimaginable collections, you can look nice and extra ordinary. To bring you a natural healing effect with stylish earrings, pendants, rings and amber necklaces, we are readily available all the time. Since all of our stones are being lifted from the Baltic Sea region and fitted in the most interesting shapes and designs, you can be sure of getting a rare piece of necklace or jewellery every time. So, get ready to purchase a pain relieving natural amber product with a guarantee on style, quality and elegance from our website. 

You will be able to get a therapeutic touch with our manufactured jewellery pieces. The attraction of these items won't let you even try other options available in ornaments. Your hunt for fashionable accessories can end in joy and cost-efficiency. We feel proud in bringing you the best pieces of amber necklace and pendants that can complement your outfit in every occasion.

To order amber necklace or ring with versatile designs and patterns, contact us at

Friday, 27 June 2014

Real and Fashionable Baltic Amber Jewellery for Natural Healing Touch

Do you need fine quality Baltic amber jewellery for fashion and therapeutic use? Are authentic Baltic amber necklaces, earrings and pendants difficult to find these days? We are a leading supplier of whole sale amber stones and jewellery pieces. You can order us your desired item and get the satisfaction of wearing an authentic and beautiful item for good price. We are famous for premium quality jewellery supply and sale throughout the world. Handcrafted Baltic amber necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings by skilled artisans are our specialty. Our stock enables you to choose and buy unique and special handmade amber jewellery with guarantee in quality and value. You should check our full line of products to find many modern varieties fitted with the best quality raw amber beads and stones. We make sure you get Baltic amber jewellery in attractive shapes and shades including honey, orange, green, yellow, dark cognac, black, green and more.

We offer a wide range of handmade amber jewelry items including pendants, necklaces, anklets, bracelets, earrings, vintage sets, contemporary jewelry, daily wears and children's teething jewelry. With us, you can acquire the pleasure of wearing real amber jewellery fitted with fine beads of Baltic amber. If it is your desire to wear stylish amber rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, or bracelets, we can fulfill with great collection and price. All of our amber stones and beads are procured from the Baltic Sea region and used in the most elegant designs for ensuring you one of a kind piece. Each of our jewellery products features a unique combination of rare craftsmanship and authentic design.

Exclusive jewellery items containing amber stone have great therapeutic value. The demand of these pieces continues to rise in the international market and you are less likely to find them at affordable price in the world. At Ambermarket, we make them available to you with the best quality and design for ruling the fashion world with pride and confidence.  

To buy Baltic amber jewellery with flexible options in making and pricing, contact us at

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Fact about Sterling Silver Jewelleries

Silver gems are regularly esteemed, from rings to neckbands to wrist trinkets and studs. Silver gems is additionally impeccable in supplementing precious stones or appeared differently in relation to a ruby. However, how would you keep the gems from discolouring? What is plated gems, and sterling silver? Furthermore is there anything you ought to be searching for when you purchase it? 

Silver-plated gems comes initially from the nineteenth century, and was made to give what might be unmanageable things to the masses. It includes intertwining just a slight layer of silver over an alternate metal. 

·   Sterling silver is the genuine, and there are distinctive evaluations of silver also. Fine silver is excessively delicate for consistently capacity and is 99.9% immaculate silver. As a result of its delicateness, all silver for adornments is compound – implying that it is a mix of an alternate metal (frequently copper) with the silver. Sterling silver is 7.5% an alternate metal and 92.5% silver (this is the reason some individuals allude to it as 925 silver

·   Silver pendant: The item is accessible in jewel stone encrusted, pendant memento, pendant appeal, gem pendant, lapis pendant, turquoise pendant, quartz pendant, plain silver pendant, and a lot of people more. A pendant is perfect for the individuals who search for unobtrusive looking stress.

·    Sterling silver arm jewellery: Buddhist blessed serenades (mantras) are just about constantly beautified on the surface which is regularly accepted to render wellbeing and even serenity and concordance.

·    Sterling silver special necklace: Amulets have a fenced in area inside which typically obliges recuperating herbs and supplication to God engraved fabric. Talismans should by and large be put on long lasting with a specific end goal to uproot shrewd spirits. Various ornaments are ceremonially blessed by Tibetan clerics.

·  Silver wedding groups: Started by Italian couples throughout the fifteen centuries, customary silversmiths of Nepal and even Tibet have utilized indistinguishable matrimonial groups within unique carefully assembled deliberations, and additionally western individuals truly love the thought.

·     Buddha pendants: Many of these gain pictures of Buddha head, Buddha leg, and Buddha hands, contemplating Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha, and numerous others. 

Important stones studded: Lapis lazuli, golden, coral, turquoise, amethyst and dark onyx are for the most part inserted to the adornments. 

10.925 silver dots: 108 globules constitute a mala (Rosary), and 8 or basically 9 dabs contain a wristband. Silver alongside dots are interfaced together delightfully to make sterling silver beaded gems. 

There are people who likes to do fusion with everything means silver ornaments with amber jewellery fitting.  That cost cheap though but looks very ravishing.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Amber with Insects inside (A Brief Review)

If you are a jewelry junkie and want to buy something fashionable and extraordinary this spring then Amber jewelry with insects inside would a perfect preference. Amber is an intriguing and ecstatic jewelry which has been used from a long time by different people in different country. Amber is classified as organic gem stone as it is made from coral reef and pearls which is collected from the tree raisin and sap. But the question is how come an insect can be in the amber stone, well the reason is as the amber is collected from tree raisin, the insects and other tiny creatures are naturally captivated in that resin and become fossilized for years. As the amber is semi-transparent, the dead insects inside gives the amber a classy and unique looks.  You have to be careful while buying a fine piece of amber cause you can be easily deceived by fake jewelers.  This article will guide you ahead for the place where you can get finest amber jewelry with insects inside.

Russian Amber
Amber with Insects inside (A Brief Review)

Russian amber has set its name in the world of amber market. You can find the full-blown craftsmanship in their amber jewelry. If you just want to follow the new trend and want to look exceptional than other then you should go for Russian hand crafted fine amber. Certainly you don’t have to go to Russia to buy a piece of amber; you can easily find it online.

Baltic Amber
Amber with Insects inside (A Brief Review)

Who is into fashion, trend and jewelries beseemingly, it is needless to say that the person must have heard about the famous Baltic amber jewelries and beads. It is said that Baltic amber are the finest and costly in the family of amber. The cause it is so costly is Baltic amber are believed to the oldest amber in its family. If you want wear something raw and genuine then you should go for Baltic amber.

Fossilized amber in Asia
Amber with Insects inside (A Brief Review)
In Asia Hukaung valley is renowned for availability of amber and gold for many years. This valley has produced no of fossilized amber with insects. Unlike any other aforesaid amber countries here you can find lots of amber with insects inside.

If you are very fond of this precious jewelry and don’t know how to check its genuineness while buying, follow these simple steps. If you burn real amber slightly it will smell like tree resin not like plastic. Amber never brakes if it falls down. Real amber is not fully transparent like glass. So beware of its quality before buying online. If you are buying amber online then buy only from a genuine store