Saturday, 28 December 2013

How to unearth the Amber jewelry is real or fake

Amber comes in different types of colors and pattern. Amber is technically not a gemstone, its enticing color and enchanting pattern makes it look like gemstone. When you are taking decision to buy a piece of amber you have to consider some factor about amber. The factors are you want a original amber or a imitation one, you want light yellow or deep yellow one. This depends on how much money you want to spend on amber.

Amber comes in different colors like light yellow, dark brown, near to white and lots more. Ambers are actually tree sap and get its color by the effect of ultra violet rays. When dealing with a genuine piece of amber always choose the tidy and cloudless one because that is the sign of true amber. Baltic amber is known as the purest form of amber and only found in the Baltic region.  If you are willing to go for Baltic amber then choose that one which looks marbling and comes with internal crack. In most of the case it would look flawlessly transparent. 

If you really want to test a piece of amber then there is a fastest way to test it. Get a hot nail pin and penetrate in to the amber if it smells like tree sap then it is the real one and fake amber would smell like plastic or any other material. Fake amber jewelry is also made of copal which is also tree resin but it is not fossilized. 

Well… These are some tips on how to check the amber. Always buy amber from a branded store to get genuine product. Ambers are also available online easily.

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