Monday, 31 March 2014

Amber with Insects inside (A Brief Review)

If you are a jewelry junkie and want to buy something fashionable and extraordinary this spring then Amber jewelry with insects inside would a perfect preference. Amber is an intriguing and ecstatic jewelry which has been used from a long time by different people in different country. Amber is classified as organic gem stone as it is made from coral reef and pearls which is collected from the tree raisin and sap. But the question is how come an insect can be in the amber stone, well the reason is as the amber is collected from tree raisin, the insects and other tiny creatures are naturally captivated in that resin and become fossilized for years. As the amber is semi-transparent, the dead insects inside gives the amber a classy and unique looks.  You have to be careful while buying a fine piece of amber cause you can be easily deceived by fake jewelers.  This article will guide you ahead for the place where you can get finest amber jewelry with insects inside.

Russian Amber
Amber with Insects inside (A Brief Review)

Russian amber has set its name in the world of amber market. You can find the full-blown craftsmanship in their amber jewelry. If you just want to follow the new trend and want to look exceptional than other then you should go for Russian hand crafted fine amber. Certainly you don’t have to go to Russia to buy a piece of amber; you can easily find it online.

Baltic Amber
Amber with Insects inside (A Brief Review)

Who is into fashion, trend and jewelries beseemingly, it is needless to say that the person must have heard about the famous Baltic amber jewelries and beads. It is said that Baltic amber are the finest and costly in the family of amber. The cause it is so costly is Baltic amber are believed to the oldest amber in its family. If you want wear something raw and genuine then you should go for Baltic amber.

Fossilized amber in Asia
Amber with Insects inside (A Brief Review)
In Asia Hukaung valley is renowned for availability of amber and gold for many years. This valley has produced no of fossilized amber with insects. Unlike any other aforesaid amber countries here you can find lots of amber with insects inside.

If you are very fond of this precious jewelry and don’t know how to check its genuineness while buying, follow these simple steps. If you burn real amber slightly it will smell like tree resin not like plastic. Amber never brakes if it falls down. Real amber is not fully transparent like glass. So beware of its quality before buying online. If you are buying amber online then buy only from a genuine store

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  1. Wow!!! Great blog. Here you explain all about Amber with Insects inside. Yes, Amber fossils take time to form. The tree must ooze the resin, the insect must subsequently become entrapped in the resin, and the now fossiliferous but still soft resin must be transported to the river delta to be buried. And then there is time required for the resin to turn into amber. It’s a very hard process. I saw like as the same amber insect stone in DR Fine Jewels.